Chinatown Trees : 那些檸檬都跑哪去了?


“僅一樹”是一個目標在三藩市栽種一萬二千棵檸檬樹的自給自足的計劃——這個數目是根據每個居民每年三磅的平均檸檬消耗量而得出的。目標是展示在這個城市里可食用農作物是可持續的。到目前為止,中國城僅有三棵已註冊的檸檬樹但我們知道還可以有更多!知道哪裡有檸檬樹?登錄我們的網站 JustOne Tree.org來為該樹登記註冊吧!不僅可以獲得檸檬津貼還能知道更多與種植有關的活動。


Just One Tree is a self-sufficiency project that aims to have 12,000 lemon trees growing in San Francisco—the number needed for each resident to have three pounds of lemons per year, our average consumption. The goal is to show that a city can be sustainable in an edible crop. So far, Chinatown has only 3 registered lemon trees but we know there are more out there! Know of a lemon tree? Visit us at to register a tree, earn lemon perks and learn about planting events.