Our Story

Urban Resource Systems (URS) Mission:
Just One Tree is a project of Urban Resource Systems, a nonprofit organization established in San Francisco in 1981 to promote the concept of greater urban self-reliance in cities worldwide. URS has served as the greenhouse for a number of local, regional and global projects: CityFood, ZooDoo Compost, California ReLEAF, AIDS Memorial Grove, Neighborhood Parks Council. URS’ Founder and Executive Director is Dr. Isabel Wade (see bios of Board of Directors here)

Our Vision: Imagine a city where locally grown fruit is abundantly available, where anyone hungry can go to the Neighborhood Food Hub to get a healthy meal that includes produce and fruit from the neighborhood as well as the region, where the Food Hub offers cooking, canning, and preserved-food storage space, and where young people can receive training in urban agriculture – skills to be put to use in the city or at regional farms. Imagine appropriate public land converted to gardens and farms that contribute to the city’s food budget and where even city lakes are stocked with fish for local consumption. This could be San Francisco or your city! To learn more about how your city can earn an EcoCity GAIA rating, including local food production initiatives,visit EcoCity Builders at www.EcoCityBuilders.org, our partner organization in Berkeley, California.

Beyond fruit trees, there are many other crops that can and do grow well in San Francisco. Find out what you can grow even in a window box or small back yard and how easy it is to grow most of your own greens and herbs: visit www.GardenfortheEnvironment.org to get a class schedule; check our partners list and resources section for other groups and information that can help you.

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