Everything About Lemons

The Meyer Lemon: Easy, Lovely, Unique

Acknowledgement: Most information in this section has been reprinted with permission by Four Winds Growers of California, a nursery specializing in citrus trees whose founder was also responsible for the Improved Meyer Lemon. See www.Fourwindsgrowers.com for more information.

As a colorful fruit with fragrant blossoms and glossy evergreen foliage, the Meyer Lemon will make a memorable addition to your home or yard. See for yourself on the slide show below:

Meyer Lemon History & Lore

The Meyer Lemon is a favorite of chefs and gourmets (see recipes). It is slightly sweeter than the classic commercial varieties (Eureka and Lisbon). Its soft skin develops an orange hue when fruit is fully ripe, and its distinctive, mystical flavor combines lemon with a hint of tangerine. It is easy to grow, compact, and notoriously prolific in its blooming and fruiting. The tree often flowers twice a year, such that both fruit and flowers can be present all year long. What’s more, it does not need a lot of heat to ripen the fruit. For these reasons and many more, the Meyer Lemon makes a lovely addition to any San Francisco garden. It can also be grown inside in a container.

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