The best ways to help Just One Tree is as a volunteer are:

Lemon spotting

We’re trying to register all the existing lemon trees in San Francisco gardens.  You can register any lemon tree if you see it—just go to our registration portal on our website and put in the address (only JOT sees this address, it is not posted).  Alternatively, you can pick up postcards at our office (email linda@justonetree.org) to distribute in your neighborhood.  We have prizes for the best lemon spotters!

Farmer’s market outreach

If you can spend a few hours at your local farmer’s market in San Francisco (or any one of your choice in the city), we equip you with everything you need to register lemon trees or promote lemon tree planting.  Just let us know your preferred market (if any).  You will need to pick up the ‘tabling kit’ at our office on Buena Vista. (email linda@justonetree.org)

Tree planting

We occasionally plant mini-orchards on public land in San Francisco and need volunteers to help with these planting events.  Sign up below to be notified of planting event dates.

Gleaning (sharing) your lemons

If you have a lemon tree and don’t know what to do with all the lemons, the best way to help is to share your lemons!  The Department of Public Works in San Francisco has a gleaning program; they will come and harvest your lemons (or any other fruits), leaving you with as many bags as you like, and take the remainder to the Food Bank.  Contact: Philip.Singh@sfdpw.org

Intern for the project

If you have special skills that you can contribute to further our project, please let us know!  Contact: isabel@justonetree.org

*We also welcome donations to the project.