Already Have a Lemon Tree?

Do you or someone you know have a thriving lemon tree on your patio or backyard? Please register your tree and help bring San Francisco one step closer to achieving self-sufficiency in at least one crop — and support Just One Tree’s goal of planting 12,000 Lemon Trees in San Francisco!  Here’s how else you can help:

  • Register other trees that you see if you have the street address.
  • Send your friends an email and ask for their support in spotting lemon trees in your neighborhood and getting them registered.

Lots of folks might like to be part of the effort to relocalize our food system, so please help spread the word about Just One Tree.

The Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon is a perfect fruit tree for San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Foodshed Assessment of 2008 (link) pg 27, our San Francisco foodshed produces 5.3 tons of citrus crops (lemons are one of those) but we consume over 25,000 tons of citrus every year. Because average consumption of lemons is 3 pounds per person a year, we need to produce at least 461 tons of lemons a year to be self-sufficient. We can easily do this — and you can help us achieve this goal!