Asian Community Garden

JOT at The 2016 Florence Fang Asian Community Garden Autumn Harvest Gathering     

The 2016 Florence Fang Asian Community Garden Autumn Harvest Gathering proved San Francisco’s Bayview District is nurturing its commitment to edibles. Citrus trees provided by JOT continue to stretch tall and wide, and the array of greens spilling forth from planter boxes was inspiring. We met with residence gardener Faheem Carter (pictured right), who oversees the maintenance of the space, seeds were given away, and cultural performances entertained at the celebration of this successful public gardening endeavor.

Additional images from the event:

The Florence Fang Asian Community Garden is located in the Bayview District at Diana and Williams Street in the rapidly changing southeast section of San Francisco. The site, which is almost an acre, was the location of the last operating farm in the City. The site is owned by CalTrans, providing one more example of available public land that could be fruitful even in our dense City!


Just One Tree received a grant from California ReLeaf to plant a mini-lemon orchard at the Asian Community Garden in San Francisco’s Bayview District. 14 trees were planted for Arbor Week and will be maintained by the volunteer gardeners.  All trees are planted in pots or planter boxes with drip irrigation due to the train tunnel below the garden.

The Garden , launched in 2014, is the brainchild of Ted Fang in honor of his mother. The garden features plants originating in Asia. Adjacent neighbors and others have built garden boxes and grow a range of vegetables. A bi-monthly work day is hosted on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 10AM to 1PM and all in the region are invited to help and to develop a box of their own. Volunteers may sign up on line at


The lemon trees planted Meyer Lemons, a Buddha’s hand (Citrus medica), 2 Kalamansi  limes (Citrus or citrofortunella microcarpa), as well as standard Citrus limon (Eureka). All citrus are believed to have originated in Assam (a region in northeast India), northern Burma, and China. A study of the genetic origin of the lemon reported it to be hybrid between bitter orange (sour orange) and citron according to Wikipedia. 2/201








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