50 New Lemon Trees for the Tenderloin

Thanks to Segment Inc., 50 new lemon trees to be planted throughout the Tenderloin arrived in their temporary home for safekeeping and growing on June 29th.  The UC Hastings Greening program under the green thumbs of Kasey Asbery and her summer environmental interns, are caring for the trees until 50 new planting spots are identified […]

New partnership with Segment

What better partner could we ask for while we are counting lemon trees toward our sustainability goal than a company that collects data?  And what a cool company that donates a lemon tree to each employee for Earth Day?  Stay tuned for news of their big planting project with JOT. https://segment.com/

Positive Health Wellness

We’re liking the tips and articles on the Positive Health Wellness website, where you can find a range of information on recipes, nutrition, pain relief, fitness, beauty and more. Check out the features on lemon’s skin benefits and how lemon in your water helps aid your digestive system!

New Mini-Orchard in Bayview

The Florence Fang Asian Community Garden is located in the Bayview District at Diana and Williams Street in the rapidly changing southeast section of San Francisco. The site, which is almost an acre, was the location of the last operating farm in the City. The site is owned by CalTrans, providing one more example of […]

How to Protect Your Lemon from Deadly HLB disease!

The Insect: Asian Citrus Psyllid – Diaphorina Citri Kuwayama The psyllid can carry one of the most devastating citrus diseases in the world, Huanglongbing. California residents play a critical role in protecting our state’s iconic citrus. The insect: Feeds on citrus leaves and stems. Has been found throughout California. Poses a huge threat to backyard […]