2018 JOT Trees at Bayview CommUNITY Garden

Two more JOT Meyer lemon trees were planted at Northridge Coop CommUNITY Garden in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood this spring, to replace previous JOT trees that seemed to have been attacked by Asian citrus Psyllid. The CommUNITY Garden continues to thrive under the oversight of Mishwa Lee and volunteers helping her nurture the inspiring plot of fruit […]

JOT Tree Raffle at FUF Planting

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, Just One Tree joined the Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) planting event in Bernal Heights to table and raffle three Meyer lemon trees. A small but enthused FUF staff was at the helm of the gathering that hosted a large crowd of Bernal Heights homeowners and volunteers congregating in […]

NCH CommUNITY Garden Planting Day

Volunteers from SF State University and residents of Bayview’s Northridge Cooperative Homes (NCH) came together at the NCH CommUNITY Garden for a sun-laden planting day on April 1, 2017. It felt more like summer as the newbie gardeners worked under the guidance of the CommUNITY Garden manager, Habitat for Humanity, and Just One Tree. The […]

Help San Francisco become the first American City to be Self-Sufficient in a Tree Crop! Our Goal:12,000 Lemon Trees This Week’s Total: A Sustainable City Tree Crop Supports a Healthy Diet The San Francisco Food Bank estimates that one out of four San Franciscans, a total of 200 thousand people, struggle to feed themselves daily.  […]

Just One Tree

JUST ONE TREE is a non-profit project to promote the value of tree crops in cities worldwide, with an initial campaign to help San Francisco, our world headquarters, become self-sufficient in lemons. We have selected lemons for San Francisco because they are useful in many ways as an ingredient in food and drinks, and even […]